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Ensuring that the roofing of your Yonkers property is in top shape is one of the most crucial aspects of building maintenance. The roofing of any structure, whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial, is your first line of defense against the weather and the elements. As soon as your roofing begins to malfunction, issues will spread to every other area of the property. At City Roofing NYC, we recognize the critical role that roofing plays in a property’s defense, and we will always go above and beyond to ensure that your structure is fully protected.

Because every contractor at City Roofing NYC is licensed, highly skilled, and has a lot of expertise, we can assure you that every job will be completed with excellent craftsmanship and courteous customer service. Our Yonkers roofing contractors are among the most dependable and trustworthy experts out there, having served Yonkers residents and businesses for more than 23 years.

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Yonkers Roofing Contractors

Your Yonkers property’s roof needs to be fixed as soon as possible if any issues arise. No matter how minor or insignificant roofing issues first appear, if they are neglected, they can gradually grow into much larger (and more costly) repairs. Unfortunately, a lot of property owners—both residential and commercial—find it hard to spot these problems until they become more serious, like a leak, and begin to negatively impact other areas of the building.

To identify any of these issues before they become serious, our team of expert Yonkers roofers advises that you get an inspection done on your roof at least once a month. We’ll be very meticulous and exact as we search for common issues including slouching, missing shingles, and moisture damage.

We have worked with metal roofs, rubberized roofing, flat roofs, and every kind of roofing in between.

Yonkers Waterproofing

Maintaining the integrity of your Yonkers home’s waterproofing—in your basement, on your roof, and at your windows—is essential to good property care. Moisture can do serious harm to your property if even a small amount of rain gets inside. Moisture can grow mold, mildew, and fungus in any part of your house. It can even seep into the foundation, creating damage that can be very hard to fix.

Our skilled Yonkers waterproofing specialists provide free consultations and can ensure that every area of your residential or business property is sufficiently protected from moisture.

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