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4 PLY Roofing is sometimes referred to as multi-ply or built-up roofing, but whichever name you give it, it’s one of the most affordable and effective roofing alternatives available right now. Its multiple backup layers make it extremely resistant to wear, and it offers excellent weather and element protection for your New York house. The skilled roofers at City Roofing NYC can guarantee that you get the best installations, repairs, and maintenance if you need four-ply roofing for your residential or commercial building.

For flat roofs or roofs with low pitches, or less steep slopes, four-ply roofing is ideal since it can aid in water shedding and provide protection from potential leaks and other roofing issues. Our experts can assist you in determining whether this kind of roofing is appropriate for your New York property by providing free roofing consultations and estimates. In addition, we can install new roofing or repair, replace, and maintain your current four-ply roofing system.

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4 Ply Roofing Installation

During the roofing installation procedure, we start by laying the roof decking and then the insulation. A vapor retarder placed above the insulation regulates the amount of moisture that seeps through it. The four-ply roofing is then started to be laid.

Asphalt makes up the first layer of a four-ply roof, and felt strips drenched in bitumen come next. Bitumen is a hydrocarbon molecule that is obtained from crude oil and serves as a waterproofing and adhesive agent. There is one last layer of asphalt on top of the bitumen.

4 Ply Roofing Benefits

Four-ply roofing’s multi-ply construction has the following advantages for your New York home or business:

  • It provides exceptional defense against weathering and water.
  • The thermal performance of your building is improved by multiple waterproofing layers.
  • Increased insulation results in a more energy-efficient roof.
  • Repairs and maintenance are rather inexpensive and easy.

Our Roofing Contractors Offer the Following 4 Ply Roofing Services

  • Commercial Roofing
  • Built-up Roofing
  • Asphalt Roofing
  • Roll Roofing
  • Torch Down Roofing
  • Bitumen Roofing
  • Flat Roofing

Are 4 Ply Roofs Right For Your Commercial Roof?

It might be time to have your four-ply roof replaced if you currently have a built-up roof and you notice flaking, blistering, splitting, or ridging.
Find out more about our built-up roofing solutions and 4 ply roofing.

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