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A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.

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Customer Reviews

Roof Repair

“I made multiple calls to companies before deciding to choose City Roofing NYC to handle our repair. Some locations either didn’t follow up or pretended the job wasn’t significant enough for them. During the whole process, City Roofing NYC was kind, timely, and competent!”

Jill Nylander

Shingle Roof Inspection

“Great to work with! Extremely Professional, Informed, and Prompt! Recommend everyone to try them!”

Matt S

Roof leakage

“City Roofing NYC came out and they did a wonderful job. They respected us and…the job was awesome.”

Michael R

Inspect damage roof & repair

“From scheduling the appointment to having them come out and solve the issue, everything went perfectly. I was pleasantly delighted when they identified the issue and immediately resolved it. Daryl deserves special recognition for being the first person to genuinely grab a ladder and scale the roof in order to examine it! The three other businesses that I scheduled estimates with never followed through, and all three suggested expensive replacement roofs! It turned out to be a small issue. Thankfully, it has since rained and there hasn’t been any further leakage! I am quite pleased with the work they completed. They are someone I would definitely hire again, and I will suggest them to everyone.”

Laura O Flint

Professional roofers

“They take their time to clarify and respond to inquiries. In accordance with my request, Kelly delivered all the materials to my house so I could view, touch, feel, and hear about their benefits and drawbacks. Kelly granted my girls’ requests and addressed all of their queries and worries. One roofer politely addressed all of my issues with my skylight. Daryl provided me with evidence that the shingles I ordered were Heritage shingles, not Trimline shingles. My pals commented on how great my roof looks!”

Rosario Burton

Highly Recommeded

“Every member of the crew was incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and hardworking!”

Robert Mt. Morris,

City Roofing NYC



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City Roofing NYC

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