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Your gutter and leaders system protects your home, basement, foundation, driveway, deck, and landscaping from water damage. Water coming off of your roof is caught by your gutters and channeled to down spouts. After that, it is moved away from the house and down to ground level. Rainwater would fall in sheets and cut a line into decks, concrete, and soil if there were no gutters and leaders. Then, this water can eventually leak into basements and foundations.

Planning a gutters and leaders system requires taking into consideration a number of aspects.

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Gutter size:

The size of your home’s roof will determine whether a 5″ or 6″ gutter is necessary. Most houses have a 5” K style .027 gauge gutter on them now. If you have very large roof or areas where a lot of rain water is brought to a small area a 6” gutters and leaders system may be more efficient.

Leader Placement:

Choosing the right leader is crucial for more reasons than just figuring out how to divert water away from the house. Also to keep the area around the house safe and more visually appealing. Whenever possible we prefer to keep water away from walkways to prevent icing in the event of a freeze after a rain. Leader pipes should be installed along the sides of the house rather than the front for aesthetic reasons. We also advise having two leader pipes and pitching the gutter from the middle to both ends if it is longer than 35 feet.

Leader size:

As with gutter size leader size is a very important. Most houses use a 2”x3” leader pipe. Often this size is just not enough. Pending the length of the attached gutter and the amount of roof going to that gutter we often recommend a 3”x4” leader pipe with a larger outlet tube and or 2 leader pipes.

We are well qualified to give you advice regarding the correct placement of leader pipes due to our knowledge and experience. Also the size and extender products, and gutter leaf protection products.


After examining your site, we will recommend the optimum leader pipe configuration to prevent water runoff damage. Next, we ensure that every fascia is structurally sound to support your new gutters. Our seamless aluminum gutters are formed on site to match the dimensions of your home. We run a roll of flat through an extrusion process.032 aluminum through a machine that precisely shapes it to fit your home’s gutter length. The gutters are installed with hidden fasteners and screws approximately every 30” apart.

Next, we use premium sealant designed to survive regular exposure to a lot of water to attach these specific gutter lengths to corner components. The gutter system’s corners and downspouts are the only locations where seams are visible, which reduces the possibility of leakage. Furthermore, we make certain that downspouts are positioned correctly to divert water away from your landscaping and foundation. Hence, flowing water cannot erode cement or dirt.

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One crucial step in making sure your gutters are operating correctly is to get them cleaned on a regular basis. Your gutters will overflow more frequently if they are full of leaves and other debris.
The application of a permanent leaf protection device is not advised. While these devices frequently prevent water from entering the gutter, they are not 100% successful in keeping debris out of the gutter. It is nearly impossible to escape these systems once debris enters them. We utilize a heavy-duty, detachable screening, which is lowered beneath the first shingle roof and screwed onto the top of the gutter. It is simple to remove the screen and then the debris if debris does get through. Gutter cleanings should be performed at least twice a year if there is no screen in place. For this specific problem, we provide a gutter cleaning maintenance program.

If you have any questions or if your leaders and gutters need maintenance. Then please don’t hesitate to phone (718) 310-7333 or get in touch with City Roofing NYC.

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